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New Members

Most members of the insurance community are eligible for membership.  The full spectrum of the industry is represented in our Ganders. This is one of our strengths. In a relaxed atmosphere, the Ponds provide Ganders a place in which to take the pulse of the industry. We want you to visit with us, to meet with the Ganders, and to find out for yourself about our organization, Blue Goose.  You will find CHARACTER, CHARITY & FELLOWSHIP in abundance.

You will find a welcoming group of friends where personal & professional connections will be made.

You will find that a place has been saved for you.

Please join us by completing the attached application.

Download (PDF, 244KB)

If you are a current member, we appreciate your continued support of the St. Louis Pond & look forward to seeing you at our next event.

Annual Dues can be paid here.