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109th Grand Nest Convention – Baltimore

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109th Grand Nest Convention

We are just returning from the 109th Grand Nest Convention which was hosted by The National Capital Pond and held in Baltimore. There was a good showing from St. Louis: Randy and Libby Wilson, Jim and Carol Myers, Fred and Patty Semke, Bill and Jane Herman, Ron Farber, Mike Ring and myself. We all enjoyed ourselves; sailing on the harbor, having great sea food, seeing Washington DC, and partying the night away on our last night. But of course the greatest thing was watching our own Randy Wilson being installed as the Most Loyal Grand Gander.

You’re newly elected and Installed Grand Nest Officers. Left to right: Dan Rich from the Hartford Pond, Kim Bilrey from the Dayton Pond, Mark Robertson from the Edmonton Pond, Linda Meil from the Texas Pond, and Randy Wilson from the St. Louis Pond.

To read a copy of Randy’s acceptance speech click here 

 Patty Semke’s video to honor Randy Wilson

Watch the St. Louis Video