Greetings from the MLGG……

I hope that all of you had a wonderful holiday season and I wish you all the very best in health, happiness and prosperity in 2016!

It’s finally here, the year that the Grand Nest is again coming to St. Louis for its international convention of delegates.  There are so many fun events planned by Patty Semke and her convention committee that we simply can’t wait.  My hope is that each of you will look to the schedule of events for the convention and attend something … the Opening Party, the celebration of the 100th Anniversary of the St. Louis Pond Charter, the Grand Banquet or the Cardinals Game or even the Art and Architectural Tour of St. Louis!
There will be something for everyone and a wonderful opportunity to meet some of your fellow men and women of Blue Goose from around the United States and Canada.  One of the real treasures of our honorable Order are the terrific people who make up our membership … those that are giving back to their local communities throughout the land of the free and the true north strong and free!

I also send greetings from the Grand Nest Board of Officers and Directors.  One recent news item is we recently approved and acquired some additional insurance coverage to protect our Ponds with Cyber Liability and Directors and Officers Liability policies.
Also, the Central Region of Ponds is having its Mid-Year Meeting in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  The meetings are being hosted by the Wisconsin Home Nest and are planned for the weekend of the 4th through 6th of March.  The planning committee is meeting early this month to finalize the specifics, but in conversation with the Most Loyal Gander in Wisconsin, Andy Kahrs, he assures me that they a fun weekend of activities planned.  Please mark your calendars as this is sure to be a weekend of fun and comradery!

You have probably heard the phrase of ‘Walk the Talk.’   We in the Blue Goose have as our mission that of giving back to our community in charity and to each other in fellowship and to ourselves in the development of our character.  We have found that those Ponds that put these precepts into action and not simply in words are the most active and vibrant in the Order.  Interestingly, we have also found that it a focus on our precepts that attracts the attention of the insurance industry.  Recently, in one of our Ponds, an adjuster with Allstate Insurance Company noticed the charity work that the Pond was doing and contacted us through the international website to say that she wanted to be involved.  It works if we truly ‘walk the talk!’

I hope that you are all having a great year in Blue Goose.  Please know that together we are stronger in our purpose of giving back; to our community in charity, to each other in fellowship and to ourselves in the development of our character and integrity.

Please feel welcome to use the logo and byline below of “Character, Charity and Fellowship since 1906’ on your official Blue Goose communication.  And, remember, you can locate additional information regarding the Blue Goose on the international website at  Soon the registration link will be live on the website for the Grand Nest Convention coming up this summer in St. Louis.

Kindest regards,



Randall Wilson
Most Loyal Grand Gander
Honorable Order of the Blue Goose International

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Character, Charity and Fellowship since 1906

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