About Blue Goose

We are an organization of individuals who work in the insurance related industry.

We are home office executives, field claims reps, auditors, underwriters, general adjusters, agents, brokers, investigators, contractors, regulators, appraisers, salvors, attorneys, engineers, and a host of others.

We meet socially, and not as a part of any insurance or industry group. Our mutual link is the career experience we have in our chosen field.

Our formal name is the Honorable Order of The Blue Goose, International. We have local groups, called Ponds, throughout the United States and Canada.

Every Pond has its own unique blend of members and of activities. There are fund-raisers to generate money for charity. There are dinner-dances, golf outings, and Christmas parties. There are educational seminars, speakers from many backgrounds, and get-togethers with insurance commissioners and industry leaders. There are events involving multiple Ponds.

History of the St. Louis Blue Goose Pond

Yet, only ten years after its founding, the original organization in Green Lake had grown to include many other chapters, called “Ponds”.   While everyone says the Pond in St. Louis was formed in 1916, Blue Goose records state that it was chartered as the “Mississippi Valley Pond” in 1915.  The first Most Loyal Gander of that Pond was Ed. W. Bently, 1915-1916.  Interestingly, the Heart of America Pond in Kansas City was chartered before the one in St. Louis………….read more here
History of Women in The St. Louis Pond    Photo of 1989 Initiation


You will find character, charity, and fellowship in abundance.

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